Quality, technical skills and finest base materials

Everything that is needed to manufacture jewelry is covered by the Neumann company with their respective production departments. Product development, modelling, tooling, stamping, foundery for tin and silver, soldering, galvanic plating and assembling. The production uses only purest metals from German suppliers and components such as Swarovski crystals, brass sheet metal etc.

Our employees are trained to their best and serve our clients with their products since many decades. Neumann is offering the biggest selection of base metal clasps and ‘925 silver clasps worldwide. All products are manufactured in Germany under strict control of environmental and social standards. Our clasps and fashion jewelry is known to the international market for the high quality and long lasting functionality. We deliver products in many different finish colors all of them nickel, lead and cadmium free following strictly European law.

Our minimum order quantities are 100 pieces per item and color. For smaller quantities please refer to our webshop




Sheet metal coils of brass or ‘925 silver are inserted in the stamping tools. Parts are cut, stamped and pressed. Different forms and mainly the clasp mechanics are stamped and formed.


Prototypes, design models, production forms etc. are developped in the modelmaking department.


Tin foundery

Tin parts are spin casted in the tin foundery using only the best tin alloys on the market.

Soldering department

parts are degrated

  • vision control
  • small parts are copper plated for more resistance
  • solder fluid is applied
  • parts are dried
  • parts are soldered

Tumbling department

  • We use mainly ceramic and steel tumbling abrasives with different tumbling soaps and water



Lost wax casting

Wax items are formed and then build into a wax tree. This tree is vested under vacuum with gipsum and after that the wax is melted out to receive the negative form for silver casting. Silver casting is done under vacuum and protection gas with highly specialized German casting machines.

Galvanic preparation

  • all parts have to be put on brass wire before plating
  • then the parts are looped
  • after that the wires with parts are put on the frames
  • high polished items have to be handpolished before plating
  • after plating the parts have to be cut off the wire

Galvanic Processing

  • parts have to be cleaned with ultra sound and elctronically degreased
  • After the plating the frames go back to have the wires cut off

Silver casting

  • the gispum forms are heated up in the oven
  • silver is casted
  • after cooling the gipsum is washed off
  • then the silver tree is washed with solution and water
  • silver parts are cut off and assembled by hot silver soldering



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